Impersonation of Joe Budden


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They say roll with the punches so I’m swinging Mary
Luscious lefty and Kid Moe scary
My outside is youthful my inside lugged baggage
Cause I’m living with the absence of my happiest self
Absence and abscess growing apart self

Dwelled deep in a pit turned me into a snake
Mental seeking or just plain ornery
Half-cocked at this station awaiting the foreman
Bisected soul just see me as a blessed and cursed one
How many writings explaining myself is enough then

Cheapened by words repeated adds naseum
When did I turn my back on myself
Frightened and fronting towards the other actors
Activist in mind but sluggish outward
Two men pulling away with a centre absent
One man runs the other is distant




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The day is my enemy

The night my slave

Wrap me tightly in dark circles

Hold me down in moonlit chains

Embracing chilled airs surrounding ensnaring slither slice my bodice as I writhe ecstatic ecstasy. Limp nips harden I suck in puffs of black misty wisps; rub my dimpling skin carress frozen limbs loverly. Awaken to night alive at night freer here and clear in mind’s eye. Clear clarity I am sentient slayer nightstalker wringing steely chains cling to the dark, kiss dark, fuck the night.

I walk, move languid, lingering luscious midnight ambles. Sleek in shadow cross weave and slide. Hunt for feeling, thirst for deadly dark fun frolic, focus whole being on sunless rhythms speaking talons and tongues in heightened senses earfuls. Run in night hard fast reckless. Hard fast freedom I belong forever in twilight enveloped in my twisted desires I stop resisting. Chained to pleasure the hedonist rushes headlong fast and exhales satisfied, full but not replete. More night, more danger, crave more sunless sights.

Darkness there. Nothing more.

We are here


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And the lambs did come together under the kindly arms of the great provider. Lo his mighty hands and embiggened heart curving along the soft heads of babes and poor dwellers. His defenders push back, minions of the large machine that bend and fold most honesty, that crick and crack at firstly facts and lean towards alternates. They come as talking heads you see to spread words that deceive; trickery of speech and avowals, expounds upon the unproven, acting passions skirted with rhetoric danced and dashed in floral bouquets that must be heared for balanced debate.

All debate no surety, no truthful lines to shape the nations, no integrity on televised faces. Legal disingenuous with complicit media countenance. They blather rather hard and lather lies and records discard. Obversation, stats, studies from studious years all fallen and flailing on business’s media machine. The spirit trapped in industrial golems protecting wealthy greed behind the minions. And millions strife and strive confused, they look upon the winged apes and wait for sun to knock them down. The chaos and foolish acts plague the minds of sanity. Plagues the people who cling to rationality. Rations and scraps to voiceless communities who keep on bellowing harrowingly, who message and link and repeat solidarity, must forever speak we are here we are here we are here. We are future.

Random sampling of my texts


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Colors deep on shallow minds

‘Merica in da salvation

Mad nation blaming mild and maple neighbours 

Norhherners bringing in too many foreigners

Brown skin, Allah kin syllogical to terrorism

Aphorism of the new Right millennium


A system or function of society to create a methodical organization of our wants and desires. Advertising and consumer psychology is a scientifically obscure manipulation of mind and behaviour. 

Mother Mary

Keep explaining, keep warning 

Specific but lost ear on martyrdom

Feel so like mom so feel protection

Golly gee gallant son waiting

Keep the users off thee, off keys

Usurping forcing

counterpoint symphony

Against melody, against decency

What is decent in recent society

Commercial society, user society 

All about the leg up and me me prosperity 

Baby cakes and toddler tantrums

Doldrum hold up, wanna spank em

Nordstrom, rich son

Paternalism from Twitter kingdom

It’s paranormal among paranoia

Thieving magpies squawking about quick hands and happy feet

Black birds choosy 

counting crows with the different plumage

Accusing truant

Quips n Pretorts


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Hey, you like mozzarella sticks? Why don’t you get me some n you can watch eat it.

Let’s take that bad mood n make pinata of sadness. 

Ain’t nothing like bourbon on a tit to make a soursop. 

The effort people put in to make up for years of neglect, that’s the subtlety of human suffering. 

Makes us humble sniffing in the dirt to find our past footprints.

Miles to go before we kill a metre.

People go three sheets to the wind n they got a blanket fort can’t last a fortnight. 

If everyone picked each other up we wouldn’t have any downtrodden.

If you got a pretty clam call me the ghost in the shell.

I’d define myself as having the characteristics of a refined egg Mcmuffin.

Ya shine the light in the darkness ya just got a big distraction. 

Ain’t nobody wanna see the truth when lies and deception are primetime. 



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World’s a peaceful green with oceans salty and birthing
I remember some age of beauty and being a kid just loving and watching
Hiking and spanning eyefuls of artful joyous
Wanna paint the world before the falling and dirt smearing
Ugly mess o’ black sludge and past men garbage
you do this to us and keep talking and smiling
We call BS
Fuck your capped teeth and groomed personality address
We got you, we see where you livin’
Another lying sack in a cul de sac reality
Abnormal freakish, dirty minds collate and regress
This society, this progressive youth blasting eye opening
Could of been jaded but seeing the light of these teens
Braver than corrupted and spineless politicos
Why not just evacuate and leave us to fix this mess

Could you stop
Could you leave ur position to make room for gutsy delinquents
Cause brawler kiddies got more tuffness and hutzpah than old white men in blue ties
Your time is over just leave with some respect
Too much to give you but we moderns just want respite without the judgement
Just leave
Just go retire in some lodging of balsa and java wallpaper
How long we wait
How bad we feel for youngens hurting and suffering
for old boys not realizing the game is over and they’re free to leave
Mess the world but don’t keep it up
Fuck that daughter of your baseness and phony, crony, devilish matrimony



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“Doctors and nurses definitely have had their important places and times in my life,” Cory says. “But when it comes to matters of the mind, cognition, OCD, et cetera, we really know relatively little compared to our knowledge of the rest of our bodies…. Sometimes it felt like I’d become a guinea pig in an experimenter’s lab.”

Cory Friedman

Med Head – James Patterson