Juice wine n flowers


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Talk of Trivialities That Surround


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I dunno man. You sound like a commercial for yourself instead of a human being with intricacies and pros and cons, doubt and hopes with elevating flaws and down to earth confused self-image . You tagging yourself, making each sentence a message with the hook, a post of yourself as you see yourself after life seminar on achieving. Don’t we get enough of that with the consistent marketing and advertising placard every which way til Sunday mainstay?
Walking down littered streets and cul-de-sac adjacent broad boulevards with giant post-its of realtors and jewelry sicko fancy aside buses glued with recommended consumption. Money lenders on Broadview. Gold traders on Queen.

Young guy with ultra enthusiasm for self-congratulation and mission plans. Current career goal shine bright in sight, ditch friends and peers that don’t fit right. Sell sell sell yourself cause people gotta believe hype, make em believe, bleed positive pro-slap-happy anthem. Bank commercial couples so smiley couplets, go-getters and closers make people feel alright. Confidence makes, you make, you made, made men, conmen.

Conscience pressed down low for the career advancing get along gang schmoozing, here’s my wife pleasures all around, pleasant convo, business texts exec check yourself direct, social cohesion infects, Innotech behaviour shake hands reflex.
Humblebrag; boastful humour revealo, self-esteem reload, sales sniper ammo put at ease the awkward feel of distancing people, pushed away personal personalities like sour wine when all the goers posing with sweet grapes. Pat backs grin Mad Men Mad Max domes keep in competition for the hungry man that wins. Bone and flesh deserted for symbiotic business, synergy and fusion effusive indifference for lost boys and desert men. Poddy people ironically podding in, iCloud of persons merging ideology for simplicity city.
Simplex no complex just high-rise objectivists keeping eyes on existentialist fringes.
Oceans rise so we must turn mermen and merfemme. Swim in modern times, silent era for the wave machines.
Copacetic conditioned, flaxen shine and voluminous multi strands.
Hair turned to wig turned to waxen mannequins. We be tin turned plastic Man. Melt us again.

Listening to Bush


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Perception is beautiful in fleeting lies. The pretty face halved with ghoulish hiding. Vanity strides ahead of emaciated visions, visages. Medusa hair etched into fair side beauty queen. Green and sickly smell of self-esteem, reek of media dreams, fashion,  fame, glitter green. Green and greed and creams with clean.  Outside clean and freshly.


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We like and are too busy with unimportant tangentials to focus on this generational devolution of the species.  Easier to separate into selfish tribes than evolve into co-operative communities.  
Primal protectionism and reality show politics is the waters we are sailing, honed by partisan polemics and puffy geriatric demagogues.  We moonwalk into curses and oblivion.  Happy time!!!