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And the ADD kick in so I forget how to be charming
Ladies feel to leave
their attention bereft
So I’m left discussing the previous minutes once again
Replays in the mind spouting off
Me one side then other debating that pass over
scripture in my head x’ed out inked over
elder scrolls rolled up for home deliver
best be returning to the hovel
more late night rebuttals
antagonist shuffles
be tired of it one minute then rehash again
reheat a sickly dinner with the plastic wrap melted in
all tastes the same might as well be like the fish and gulls
full o’ that clear gold
stomach lined in squeaking folds
all told there’s probably tons of it in there already
all those cheese slices one step away from cling wrap
coated sacs preserved for prestige
the western delicacy marketed since elementary
colourful coats dance on screens
technicolor vivid colour neon colour staring at me
is the whole world plastic
see through but can’t get to it
seems like we know what’s there but just more screens
distort the image like some fogged glass
no go through it
look but no touch
like junk science no peer view
pier review dive off cold awakening
what’s real
is what it is
every brazen body claiming reality
read the net articles and edited vids and call it truth parity
purity of the naive gives self-esteem boosts
foggy scenes ahead must look clear and pristine
safer that way keep fear at bay
keep the scared internal from lashing out and running to a way
to the questioning people party
analytical reasonables
humble dolts honestly speaking troubles and trifles and spouting stories keeping em comfortable
ain’t my fault is the immis and the govs
it’s the party that’s in charge that didn’t inherit probs
debts backtracks and insolvent ideology
revel in the chaos that traces back to each blurred disparity
sides misunderstood and bogged in paperclip democracy
we all started it several times and went back again
once more into the breach
same mistakes in the loose leafs
loose morals grab the spineless and bothered
busy business people we’ve morphed in to for solace
apple watches keep track of our busy bizy mentality
coordinated tasks and tables times our time in brackets
time for guidelines and graph sheets
mathematical mechanical wastepaper plutocracy controlling unseen and violently
pin em to a board to bored to follow board ordinances
military minded
cut and uniform plastic sheets
In the gut
can’t stomach it