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If all you hardies so real with it

Why the game and industry still bereft of reality?

Don’t trust you street thugs pressing passing judgement pursing acrimony on contemporary rapper drones

Every voice stapled to the industry label lambasted labia fuck us all to cunt lastly love loss music lossless

Rhyming diggers spelunking reverence revelry

Dumb little worshippers pass fake shit faceless lies and shiftless truthless

Mean men meander and meaningless manchildren rule us in incoherent ignorant false bliss

Kiss me falsely, gangsta realness not enough to press push past idolatry and indoctrines forcefully in thee

We look listen escape through fantasy and music

Speeches spread falsehoods, fictitious fabricated fallacies full o filler n faulty friendlies

Seller rappers, politicos, polisci’s and lobby hobbyists fill the field, gamut, media arena salesmanship

Real voices last unicorn, rare and fuzzy, fussy, bloody death rugged and ugly

Love this money hungry top of the world dummy fumbling cash cow currency more necessary than true feelings and inked poetry

We falter, fuck up freely, friendly, falsely towards free speech for hopeful futures

And sadness, horror, darkness lives with us effortlessly

Forcefully, friendly fire covers fully

Full of heat and hate that’s just the beat of lower rung existence

Poverty problems powerless under weak pulse society

Blue veins sprout and spread among dead lingering leaves like leaveaned lax leviathan tendrils leeching then losing us folks in political limbos and lower lies that bury us, engulf us rape us hate us

When we done

When you finished pride and pilfering

Plastic men manneq

Filling every spot on media massive, model camera lights showcase