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Shut up to market machines and botsy. Enuff preachin’ brand loyalty, love the idolatry, iconography; bend me, fuck me, tort me for selling floor opticals.

Plug me whole and flaccid to demarcate ownership, flagrant stock slips, bishops and rooks mate quick as merges. Bizness sickness creepin on me. Roil me, confound me and spit me out deftly daftly daffy bugsy. I’m insane within members rein. Harangued on triple loony supple supplanted war trades. Foolish freaks jockey for top spot frenzy. Spendthrift follies running endless politically. Run base in ground, rouse rabble to frenzy, exigency, entropy. Lack luck and luster then shock bombs towards Idiocracy.

Too soon and easy are the ways of madspeak, newspeak. Duck duck mccluck Donald Daffy friendlies.