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This lateral focus is reminiscent of Sophists
Rotund and wide-eyed like statuary of Botticellis
I miss the beauty and all I see is bellies
Raise in the modern society of North American beauty messaging
We learn of right shapes and angles
Ratios of skin to fat cells
Hips to thighs to body mass indices
Skinny entices but pleasure fits so nicely
Rather feel good inc. than boney m abs cess

Imma make the same mistake as Roman legions
Stuck in killer mode taking life and robbing breathing
Can’t escape the board that games us continuously
We’re all trapped in violent offender place cards
Merchants of death role-playing a replay
Have to say these warnings and rap cuffs
Cause we just shook and stuck in the runaway from the soft
The label that attaches and listeners fall for that messaging
Being male is lying and denying universal feelings

~ Am I the messenger of darkness and evil
Bag fulls of indiscriminate devilish playfuls
Djinns of menace and garbled curses
Worthless, absurdist, observant servant faithful
Get out of line so they lined up the whippers
Cracks in my skin, do they look painful
Stone edges on outside but rubble in me, pain me
Save me from Greek tragedy and mourn mouthfuls
Speak with crumbs on tongues and we just got done scraping

We stuck in a hustle and begging up from the gutter
It’s dirt everywhere so we’re all covered in one another
I can’t escape the raff and clutter
But I can’t leave any similar sufferers
That morals of soul we cling to among the scums
They try to steal us and kill our stances
Laurels like canyons we raise up the mission
Testing the poison but we digress chemically

Breaking so much bread continually, sporadically
Who isn’t sick of the alpha man doing everything atlas shrugged singularly
We ain’t men we people like same same hearts and beats
I feel a spirit that keeps me awake
Keeps me alift in dires and confusion
Drift me away to sanctuary and seclusion
Think it’s better alone but that’s nonsense protruding
Cap it quickly
Resize the bumpies
Still lost and dazed in temporary illusion
Is us hologram
Is us manipulated reflection
Why are dimensions so complex and mirrors elusive
Rapt in bundles that tarnish the cosmos
Miniature flecks yelling we are here now
Spot on a flower drifting among space dust

— What am I saying
What is drunken splurge goop
Writings and typings of single sanity aloof
Tried to catch my stability but went long and far off
Held large hand out to grab it and felt swish of air current clapback
Maybe all this is air just calling out in stereo
Me and my mono clash against the waves and the pingback
We’re all just signals interlacing and transmitting