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I pity my own eyes cut they seen too much

In scenes of broken families and broken lips cursing father’s 

up and left

Cursing sons

heading down never right

They were lost, so cold, so ultra violence seething under fires stoked

say you can’t choose family but choose to leave

Runaway or get driven

So far the story’s the same
meet new famme new clans

Old demons stoney but resurfaced

not them but you the critical problem

Flaws in relationships keep repeating

silencers off, bang shots bring headaches and drama

Revolvers out, pistols in dawn light closing in on afterlife 

After me there was ending

Broken voices tell an unfinished sentence

Mama forgave me when I didn’t deserve it

Rabbit ran to the church but the faith is faded

God’s son rejected so he turns nasty and faithless 
I turned my back on everything as soon as I could stand up

childish revolt sickens me into teenage antagonist

Did I hack it or abandon like another deadbeat 

chasing my ghost over disappearing relevance

lose the fire lose the fight

Going cold again as my own war begins to repeat

am I dead again or seeing life pass slow enough to understand It

If I did wrong is it better not to fix it

Lose then accept

lost souls find balance