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Thissa UK bass with the lundun twist
twixt the rhyme and rubble of breakbeat streets
chains broke off feet not on the necks
runnin man and femmes runnin thru projects
runnin clean the projects
runnin diabolique Man U script
flip a deck flip a crypt
postpartum pardons
more housings
less prison complex
less stock feed for coppa bullets
rubber ends meetin beatin chests

I may go a capella with no DJ indentured
silent keys I forgone the music scriptcha
too much symbols when the math of science in ma
head fulla causes and technicals of the universe
I against I so battle inverse
words turns grimy and messages perverse per verse
spit to get the taste out
outta mind and mouth

insured for censure so I speak wild invective
reflexive manna
defensive jah man
spirit feeling strong
might die fore I starta
sell souls so we barta
lock em in a cubicle
seein sunlight is harda
break walls for the victims
no prison for none of us