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The girl went from Pampers to wanting to be pampered
Vacations, play + frolic, value of a dollar second to shallow fodder
Model life, model toy boy
Hollywood dreams and made up laurels
Good soul sweetened with the modern spoil
New gen playstations making with the console
Hugsalot dashboard full of emojis
Always hold me told you hold me stay away from me
Passion to candle fire, both ends to ash
Make up then break up then repeat or find new cycle
The males, the femmes, place-cards to fill a cold bed feeling bigger than ever
Easy to judge harsh but the feelings go round us all
Trudging through the cold, the whole race is frostbitten

Better not to. Used to say NWI, not worth it. Angry, bitter kid busting out at too many intervals. Cumshot, blast cock, year of the shuttlecock birdy shot. Male, male, testosterone fail. Musclebound troglodyte but digging the strength trip. Stretch, burn, grip stick quick.

bored bored
white background bored
pale face cardboard
dry like toast and i’m eating still