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So again we say we don’t want a war
Thug passions spilling out onto bloody floors
Bust a gat like nuts we workaholic porn stars
I’m so ornery horny just get off me and bore me
Hype men so prideful proud for camera’s eyeful
Rock a glock for a dick and shock jock for media shots
I’d rather be proud of my words than my trigger finger
Trigger the marshals, the demonseed Mathers

Prison sentences longer than UN speeches
So much hot air I’ll implode from the pressure
Take a lot of em out with a pen and paper
I give a middle finger to the law that feeds the winners
Rich as fuck but they gouge even deeper
Become so ballsy they gettin’ Trump Dick
That’s when growth gets downsized past the comb-over
Just cowards running from the hard light

Say I’m sick of the game and fame but itchin’ for sequels
Spill my guts on this paper to lead to bleeding singles
Paper cuts on my enemies
They attack I retaliate with these cursed verses
Don’ matter what you say
My words become cursive
I was trying subversive
No I have to spit it out for slow persons

No more stones or vilifying
That old testament shit dead and gone
I’m trying to walk in peace no hellspawn on my lawn
Sucking saps taking away from my whores of culture
I’d rather deal with weeds and joint ventures
Fuck a bitch suck a bong
Leave the gun-toting to the sick arm of the Law
The one that infects us and asks all of us to draw