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Went too fast too far
Chasing windmills and waterfalls and pickup sticks
We pick em up just to drop em again
Learn lessons and cultivate understanding

Forget the laurels and words we told ourselves
So much careerism we stuck in the thick
Sticks in the mud that let us escape
We threw them out so we could get the pick
The cake, the hoffa, the big boss soprano
Be ultra slick and sink deep in
Deep pockets, open pockets, pocket full o win

Gamblers all of us
None such anonymous
We pick a draft and let it ride erroneous
Edits and omits passed over right quick
Scratch cards sniff the loot win win
Big money
Fortune so funny
Laugh it off as the laughter comes without

External pariahs selling self-doubt
Secondhand cousins selling flash hope and sunny thoughts
Some mean good but biz so lucrative
Maximum vitamins and magic water
Cure-alls and tinctures for Life’s folly and fodder

Weak of the week and colliding wimps in space
Stretch and fold we worms in the hole
Strings of the saplings playing each other’s verse
Concerto of shared throes
Ribald Vivaldi coursing in back of brain
Play out this win/lose so we can spin again
Right round like a record baby
Frown sound