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​Player man, talkie man
Busy phoney trendy man
Every culture scraping for cool clan
Modern society claiming all young kin
Laid down laid back coolish skin
Hot minds, ice within
Swing the arms, rattled vibes
Deep down huddled and creep
‘neath the floor speaks bloody sneaks

Promiscuous temptress
Flirty actress
Supposed to know better
But pretty pretty accomplice 
Weak in heart knees
Weak for

Yeah I shake the shake

Quakin quik

Go wit the head n not the booty

Bobblehead Beyonce with no sexin body

Mental health day by Bell traipsing on life philosophy

They say fuck em if they can’t take a joke

I wanna say fuck em if they don’t get it

Fuck em if they patronize and pitywise

Imma be me be real be shameless eventually