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No joke NYmore
No longer Brooklyn whore
No blowin blokes for coke
Suited dicks for the dope
Snorting pixiedust to believe in myself
Clap my own hands to fly and I’ll never land

Babylon has faded so I trail ever blazing
Next of kin badass bitch taking thrones
Games for the players
I’m central figure
Queen devilish diva
Tongue be sparked and overachieva

Fyah one back for the sacred medicine
Royal emblem of sativa ta relieve ya
Call it sweet cruel stevia
From the Don to Donna Prima
Hiphopera schematics
Build my palace before the chalice
Cup runneth over from latent talent
Bolder wrecking crew coming out street feature
Got a nation of rhyme and soothsayers
We pass the broke pawns and all the sad players