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High-pitched voices screeching you should know this
Essays and blogs and video ramblings
Dissection of justice and politics for overhead perusal
Med students looking at open chests wondering what to do
Bright light shining down as another part shadowed
Multitask to keep up
Feeds, vids and apps to show us the pathways
Overload, overcharges, WIFI economy

Value-added content from seven sided slicks
Words words tossed up and spread like salad wraps
Think you’re getting nutrition but just water and bread
Iceberg lettuce and flats
Empty feeling but low fat

From Occupy to occupied
Where you lay your hat
Which side you vote for
Which app is best
What other thing was ignored
Pushed aside and untrended
Wallow in the annals of forgotten web threads
Forum outrage to nitpick new pix
Social parity on hold
JLaw got a new book!

Those dangling chains that ride around with you
Staples clip
You pierce those lips with metal rings
Shut the voice for that muted message
And it may speak volumes for a second but it doesn’t echo through
Eardrums that siphon and filter the message hollow and sweet
Medium makes it palatable for the passing
Some pay it forward while the leads reap the fees

Closed ears, open eyes
Seeing the silence, muted abusive
Social death they call it but the same old shit
Try to learn more but swimming in confusion
Mixed messages and counter points
All points
Multithreaded hands and fingers directing every which way
Monolithic monument men and women lost in the fray
Spider webs, dark alliance, shadow puppets moving on the light in the cave
Symbolism and jingoism one and the same

The truth strikes with the assembling of right words
Slippery orators get at you with Ted Talks
Felt more honesty with the CGI bear
Once more satire says what’s between my ears
Spurted out eloquence but it’s thinned out rage
Hate this hate “them” hate myself for hating
Rotating emotional cycles all the caring types suffer
Keep walking up hills trying to escape the buzzard
People picked apart but they don’t give up the struggle
Pieces lay in streets for sweepers to take up