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how you do, do what will do, do what you do
tire of questions jusht be jusht BE
stopness, quiet, hush sounds sucked from air
millions of molecules void of voice
parched throat wheezes dry coifs of wisps
aerate little lives, molecules O high
bluster bust bomb diggity implosives

suppressing fire out of hells breath after Falknerian riders
valkyries screech confusion from wide-mouths, cut lips splinter scene and the sound waves drone, ungulate gelatinous ripples
coloured words fluctuate then dance salsa tangos with paper machier bright chapeaus
glowing arms and hips twirl entwine into forked forms
shock and jagged edge they spark effortlessly
skitter and scamper, elongated heads angle skywards
diagonal matrimony, polygonal polygamy
yellow black stickmen-women leaving the hazard signs for dangerous curves
curvacious pearls dripping audacity

Symphonic allegros pert and pout from resent full
Sweet Betty pie girls sashaying side to side
Lovely, saintly, wickedly
Patty caked angel cakes dimpling sugary, honeyed, ample thighs and cheeks
Lumps mold and pressed, brown creme arched legs moving on the icing
Cupcakes without the tarts
Plates and dishes served to whomever
Sweets aroma fill lungs so wanting
Tongues do salivate for ladies in waiting
No longer staying so run like the ginger man