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Keep the fight in the dog to deal with murderous
the haters multiply and many green men jealous
aliens in the neighborhood safer than locals
bake pies for liars and act all pious
lip service gone barking mad on us

go wuha wuha like Snowy french connection
title the hills alive
Appalachian appellation
rock mountains bold
ice cold rehold
retake border patrol

take the fruit from the homosapiens
rob the youth of soul
one-eyed kings
third eye blind
hook and bait for wormy fools
dice up the ranks like cutty
skin on the drum like basement party

basement jaxx jazzy snaps
where me head at
don’t know a thing
rhyming without proof
just slow roll singin
fugue state rappin
stream of forgotten consciousness children

lollipop younglings buzz breakbeat atop me
sugarplums hightail but suckers still dancing
fairytale concepts ripen in mindset
Don’t think conclusions so stay at beginning
climax unnerving
stone’s throw receding
I curve the projectiles to safeguard the victim
the angry innocent who ain’t so heaven sent
fuck with people then holler harassment
shame spirals squiggling
geometric unraveling
trapped in a void zoid burgh state
parks and wrecks mentality
Shang Tsung fatality
fireballs grate on me