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See dem boys live talk rep self so hard
They so hard
Street thugging it so hard
Nobody understands me
Same damn message as boy band beats
Whiny synonyms spread like Sims
Hopeful antonyms not flashy enough
Macro media flares up for shiny cream puffs
Never enough for these tough bluffs
Never scuffle much don’t wanna ruin milk ad mugs
Guppy-faced rappers saying park on mean streets
Y’all don’t know me
You dunno where I’m from
Repeat ad nauseum
Raise a hand for the hidden lies
Silence-enabled prize

Boys on the mic speak so hype bout selves
Behind every fresh face is another killa
Rapper slight eyes white
Telling world his shit be tight
Y’all don’t know me
Refrain repeat
All them young MCs playing like OGs
Gangsta gangsta
City boy rhetoric
Splenda in the coffee cause sugar irrelevant
woulda beens
They all so dangerous
Fright night mayhem
Karaoke kiddies lost in Tupac and Biggie
Role-playing youngens get twisted mental mirror image

Every playboy rhymesayer playin secretive drug slinger
Riding high paper boy just trying to get to next level
Peers are points to collect and develop
Copies and filmstrips edited pieces of the familiar
Ditched the soft self for persona non starters
Self-contained armada wild westing competitors

Abbreviated delinquents short-term allegiance please us
Simple ignorance or facetious
flippant flip kids and turntable skidrows
pick this ghetto blaster bliss
big papa chump pumpin Do the Right Thing
walking down green mile streets with the mispronounced name
Boy Named Sue passing boy nobody knew
Place a placard of their faces to dismiss their inner youth
Grew up too fast just a screw up dopehead
Made to survive and stigma so bad
Rich ones use abuse confuse systems for fruits
No labor to speak of but own the labor as neoliberals
screen wipe the legal docs for loophole peruse
Players everywhere everyone won one
Like Ghostbusters wonton hot pot then some
Chinatown, Richtown, Wolf Street
So many pimps and thugs from different views
I gotta sweep the trash out and swap soap for the silver spoon