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gangbangers staring down loaded barrels
fallen and desperate point at temples
‘nother kid losing to Life’s cruelty
human animal torment from digital
share the pics poison the lot
sex tapes and wrecks
gaping soul hole
nourished by parental absenteeism
culture shocks mice into aggressive bulldogs
love may be inside but ugliness too
sick cells multiple
division of recluse
sensitive outside ravaged by hidden on inside
everyone sensitive but express it variable
cold glocks for suicide
brazen pride for bully pigs
mean girl vibes for dying insides
lovely face but draining pool eyes

you take from me we take from many
conmen and women take take aplenty
we make the mess and the hazardous youth
we clean the excess but leave the residue
lawyers for ourselves
defend our habituals
hardened outside like Jamaican festivals
sop up the aftermath like Dre Days
chronic so toxic
status quo spills

people cruel but could be better
may not hope but reason fits as well
capable kindness peeks through brick walls
brick ourselves in to block the hiding wolves
coldness grows
vanity swells
swollen members spreading the cancer
in the gut in the end
worldview there’s no answers
no rhyme or reason to muddle with
people looking from the bottom
puffed up sucker fish

last to admit our damage and regret
always on the mind but fear if surface
dwelling and commiserating
deluding and upbeat playing
strive for survival while opera closes in
all just scared and fearful miscreants
we take it out on ourselves each other and every one
cycles repeat again
from man to child to future kin
all the media messages hard to sink in
thick skulls under sand
just hiding and blending in