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Slick with the criminal but terminology mutuals
Rob a rich bitch with hopeful residuals
Bend over for dividends
Tax write-off for donations
Wealth friends
Old money amigos free market pendejos
Swipe up the funds trust me
Leech off old biddies and their trees in Jerusalem

Upchuck this national commitment for paradise investments
Islands of gold sinking deposits
Loopholes frolic wrap round my fingers swollen
Blue blood showing as I spout off the story
The one with the poor beat pappy
Grand ol’ man with nickel in wallet
Work hard penny pinch end up with ten cents
Double your money in those days was godsend

Rollin holy and protected from broken rosaries
Put the faith in accumulated wealth tempting greedy
Carts in front of asses ready for investing
Sit on the assets and premium rates begin

Punch card workaholics downing malt liquids
Punch drunk fools living large economics
Perfect scam with two ups and one down
Crash and burn but win on insurance
Double down quick
Ramble with the gambling men
Playing dungeons and dragons with the free market
Imaginary boys tug of war inflation
Rope burns the commons
Light hands go back to skimming
Slippery dick wolves on Wall Street
Law and order the silent accomplice
Bury the principles
An unearthly currency
Masters and keepers sirens of fallacy

Deride me punish me
Put one away for the cheap seats
Crooks and liars get a minor taste of it
Easy walk cells then back to the spreadsheets
Rising stocks after new news cycle
New CEOs spell price grab and risk divestment
Win the long con with political backing