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Many times in this life when people actually need something or some assistance they are presented with boulderous hurdles to jump past and odds to face again and again. We all see those who fake and con and get away with it, get what others wanted with this bizarre luck of the sadistic bastard that is life? fate? divine subjugation? It all seems so “unfair” as we tend to expel after the gruel and grind, some of us like myself abandon the notion of fairness and legitimate justice. Sure we fight for a semblance of it, preheat the oven for a smidgen of fairness pie, but it doesn’t come because it has to. Nothing comes it is made, nothing is owed anyone because that would be too nice or maybe too easy. The con types get what they went for without such trailing weight but maybe they become weaker for it and lose such lessons of strife and sacrifice and bullshit can’t feed the fam properly or get assistance after pushing for years. Get bitten in the ass and you have to stand tall don’t you.

I warm a bit to the idea of the dark irony getting at the common who commonly get communally shafted. You wanted a break but stone to face is what you get, you break and get down and know it is all about getting up, Rocky the shit out of this moment, this constant con, the silent bell ringing in the ears and you wear down and limp forward. We drink, smoke, huff, laugh love hate, suck fuck preach, schmooze booze refuse. Spend much time seeing the weakness and fall of ourselves and some point in the future we can recognize the strength, the fuerza, the rise up of the doughy pie. It’s just a bitch to wait for innit?

The decent man needs descending. The con man needs dissent to thrive. The good need descendants to keep going.