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keep my lips shut with the stipulated hush code
bombardment fear mongers all eyes on me
furtive glances at fugitive implications
infer the dangerous
hearts filling raucous
we in delirium
dream state of suspicion
rim of sky holding imperium
all man corrupt with red lyrium
we were right to call you cowards and bitches
vindictive with invective
lashed out with the artillery
mammoth ammo ready staples for big guns in the hands of little sparrow
big papa a punisher who loves Rambo
mama loves camo
flags wave glad
insurgent taggers
spray paint the gory visuals
vitals on display
uncertain individuals
thrill-seeking conquest
tudor revel rebels
sand is mine like Daffy meets Incredibles
virtue of selfishness buried in mind meld
this land is ours but it feels right in my hand
age of benefit
suits me different
fits and snits outside doorsteps
loudness chatter
monkey chatter
zoological impression
morbid angsty regression
spend some days in meditation
and alter the frustration