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Lazy lip curses dispersing lax cursive on ok cupid aversion
Silly sloppy jingles and singles topping pop tart charts
Throwin darts at next trend bored board reborn millennial scorn
Jeezy weezies whiz Cali khalifa’s drop syllables like slow baby thumpin
Slurred words curse curds with tuffet sitting on behind
Laxi taxi reup the old maladies
Cruisin for bruisin like hammerhead shark penile protrusion
Man eating woman eat man eat sin sin eat repeat
Struggle bug hustle fugly spit take and word jumble
Paper no friendly mess pen drawings
Sketching mind matters inexactly it taunts me
Hands grip quick tight loose limp artist gimpy
I’d take it in earnest but I seem to have fiery furnaces roasting my talents
Sicka sick brain images not spilling on pagelets
Start one turn then awkward derailment
Roundabout repeat stalemate
Kings and fools break bread right across
I am dumbfounded and lost
Progression obsession hung me swinging like cool daddy musician
Creaks below floor boards creeping healthy neurosion
Healthy soiled mind sprouting thinky feely impressions
But hurt and depression make musical flows from hands tied
Smoke a toke made all nice illusions
Sober sticky icky just glaring at flawed lines
Abbreviated sanity reminds me of toxic brevity
Insane sane in insane world
Twirlygig muppets get your hand outta my pocket
Beat poets beatnuts busta bust deez nuts
Lost em right quick
Age thirty dropping the loaded base
Cancerous balls and you got the cancer stick
White cells divide me emotionally
Half a man missing half the beat
Down with the rhythm now down with the sickness
Touched self lost self selfish regrettables