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I remember an older friend I made at a hospital, who didn’t invite me to his gay galavanting, was asked by another patient why we drank so much when we were getting treatment and meds. I replied “cause it’s faster”!

I am reminded of an old digiclip from long ago which portrayed many wide-smiled people in city scenes meandering and brushing with the urban streets. Their countenances were horrifically plastered on and painfully kept, their eyes full of resistance on towards admitting defeat; smile time for stiffs. This  scenario was perpetrated by some such villain called The Joker, riddle me curious, and his sadist bent was geared towards subverting culture and society and making mockery of human emotion, delighting in the freakish exaggeration of the peoples natures. These  grins a show of control from any means.

In these times the positive has become grossly accentuated and willed onto the unwilling. Neutral or morose, many are rallied into the fold by the Shinies who feel obligated to bring “this little light” into us and around us. The culture shifted gradually into a beacon of sunny shores no matter the situation, no matter the calamity, smile time was necessary and became the status quo to pass on, to indoctrinate to every body, every face with the wrong umbrella. Difficult to say no or even argue with the prevailing logic. Groups amassed, ideology strengthened to iron claws, heavy metal grabbing at deniers through the thick fog of the world negating negative.

Balance disappears, utter dilution of past philosophies so as to prod the poke into our wormy brains. A clown is meaningless, sadness sin , Colgate is king and merry is the weather always.