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You’ll rebel to anything
Make fun of all the trends

Pretty boys and punk rock bitch
Sadist queens and rapper nerds

All in all they join they wreck
Punk Rock New Wave ha haha stick em

Anti anti, lost my way anti
Rebel curse and whisper sit-ins

Form the Id from entity
I’m not you so I am me

I anti so therefore I am
I be pro so for there I am

Sam I am with the Simon says
Stick stick stones on carbon sacs

Meatbags meatbags
Ollie ollie carbon sacs
Rock n Rule Jagger swag
I own the cool
I call the rags

Me better we better
Broken social scene better
Harmony seed better
Present social pressure better

Present tense just makes sense
Anxious raucous
Meek mobbing
Groupthink tank
War on all sides
Flowers in arms
Bullets in legs
Piffle the rifle
Rifle with people
Shotguns in shook ones
Deer in fleshlights

Innocence faded like raven feather on writing desks
Spellcheck bees bristle haired bums dancing rhythmic
Copper plated notes scavenged from drug-addled ether
Reefer madness concomitant gladness
Spark our plugs upon pleasure palace
White palace sandwich
Castlevania ravish, whip it good vampish

Black sooty sickles slick sleek and wrinkled
Old ways cut and dagger youth
Face and the twinkle
Brightness dull a moment
Good intentions turn Bickle
Skinned heads turn white with the sickness
Apparitions gorge on evil redemption
Vengeance exemption tempting frenzied men
Holy foul and water revulsion

Repulsion sociology bargaining chip theolo-criminology
Prosper propulsion at sight of cleansing
The Purge so folly but food for the hungry
Starving victims throw fists high to the surface
Bottom dwellers feeding; crabinabucket
Shuckit chuckit and fuckit

Sin and sinners we love it
Dirty and wrong make the members quiver
Feed on the lust and grime
Rising perverse naughty cakes up for scrumptious
Delicatessen lesson for primal young consumption
Haveit eatit lickit stickit
Ha stick em hahaha stick em
Butter me baby and oil me olive