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So for microeons, as I’ve just coined, I felt writing is the best outlet for the calamity of human minds and express all the crap in there. This is what I wish many people would do instead of barfing out their boring filler and pedantry as well as all that  partially digested opinion/gossip facts that get spewed out like a modern day Vomitorium (yes I discussed Hysteria recently).

Previously on my so called adventures I tried to visit my coffee shop which is brimming with youngens tappa tapping on their laptops and sucking up WIFI every time I want to sit absorb air molecules at a table like Spongebob. That day barely anyone was there, must have been too early, but one guy nicely dressed sat down at the comfy seats and after his phone chat (hopefully it was a real phone call) he sat watching news then started belting out some kind of commentary which I thought was ok since it happens. Then much weird noises were sent forth and he wasn’t making sense anymore. I figured maybe, like me, he has Tourette’s and he just wants to sit and do his thing without the stares and fearful looks that we get from time to time, so I try not to look at him too much and be polite. Thing is when I am around that behaviour from others it makes me see myself as I must appear to outsiders and I get to ticking more and being OCD more and this ain’t no Benny and Joon let’s be zany at the table, it disturbs even in this super positive accept everyone Polkaroo rah rah society. So I wanted him to leave and he did but I felt dickish for acting like the raff who glare stare at this care bear, as I’ve been dubbed by the “hetero” bar friend. It’s selfish I know but it’s easier to control the fuckuppery without the gallery showcasing my sameness.

With him gone I was to enjoy what I came to do, drink my chai and finish the damn books I keep burying for gamer paradise time. But no non no, these two brown guys must come sit near and converse in awkward intervals about cutting out wheat and carbs and whatever else whilst proclaiming they have never been healthier in their whole life with the enthusiasm of a sloth on a hot day deciding whether to swat away a mildly annoying insect. I was like get a blog muthafucka and post those lame anecdotes and statements online instead of blarging it out in public, it’s what we all do! I have my troubles repeating blah things to friends and being socially odd at times so just spew it out blogging; let the random peruser see your dull wares and walk away so I can concentrate on finishing two sentences in book I borrowed 2 weeks ago. No respect I tells ya…