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I come from the hood with the ghetto seepage from fake thugs and Bloods
Where neighbors say pleasantries but dismiss the crime rate
Nobody sees anything when their homes at stake
You get caught up in school and kid smacks
While the rogues thieving your Discman and home ransacked

Weird kids get targeted and I’m followed obviously
Wannabe alphas creep and wait with curses
Get back from lunch and group mentality rally waiting for me
They so tough when the allies fill alleys
Harass,abuse, dogpiles and rumbles
I twist the other cheek to reach that humble
Before high school I’m Buddha me baby
Sick of fighting and proving myself daily

These bump ugly stilskins spouting about roughness
Talking big bout bullying’s just kid shit
How’d you grow up living with stress and hard threats
Little boys acting raw dog and obsessed with the odd egg
So tired of the boy’s game as I wander with mental strain
Deal with dumbasses and hide my self-abashment
Small world’s a Thunderdome no wonder I’m so negative

Hate-filled and angry
Blow up outwardly
Ration my rage and siphon out the darkness
Embrace pain and suffering
Just some life coating
Holding on to sweetness for dear life
Pivotal moments either be bitter or better
I’m lost in the shuffle and pick neither
Filthy neutral but anger in the gullet
Every other day temptation to say fuck it
Give up the needle with the tinge of hope
Grey to black to nothingness entanglement

Philosophy will save me!
Science will relieve me!
Tai Chi and meditation suppress the devilish
Feel like throwin bows like them Happyslap bitches
But I rest and digress and build the wise Yoda condition
Sick of me sick of them but we’re always screwed up children
Eons of blathering and historical blundering
Man maketh fools and fools his making

All a proving ground for pseudo fittest
Hunger Games just allegory for sick kid violence
Primal takeover with the Internet toolset
Generations raised with de Sade mindset
Get off on porn but also torment
Attention deficit but weirdly focused
Aggro Monkian narco freaks
Tearing up civility and flinging slurs repeatedly
Zootopia prison system of a down
Cutesy little apples rotten and bloody
Madam and Adam just cultured beasts

Hip kids get through it
Blessed meek make a keep
Castle defend and currency king
Rooks crooks and schnooks
Better to indulge in the books
Readers to leaders
Good apples are sweeter