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Since I wanted to hear Excuse Me Miss (la la la) and ended up downloading like 8 Jigga albums, I felt like making this one and trying to do better than Kanye. I always remember, maybe Jesse Jackson or some black speaker, talking about how Jay-Z lyrically is not the best but when it came to flow and being on beat he was a great one like Rakim. Not that Eric B wasn’t great for his time but those Kanye and Just Blaze beats just get ya moving and bumping in the night.

And I don’t sell those keys I sell myself
Entrepreneur all star
Black idol Monstarr
I could holler a space jam but I ain’t like Mike
I roc the mic right
These tunes too hype to gripe
Jealous wrath juicin with the grapes of spite
East is East
Westcoast rising and falling
Who cares where we live as long as we yes yalling
Don’t speak the shot calling for victims that bawling
Unspeakable evil so human after all
Kingdom come and the dynasty of The Fall

Little mini men purgatory sent
Gray field anathema covering terra firma
Survival of the fittest the curricula eterna
Knee high prayers beg for the scapula
What happened to critical
Thinking so pivotal
Brain drain followers of Ankhesenamun
Grown men wanting mummy and sucking silver spoon
We all made ourselves and selling our croon
We raised the level but we still just a coon

Proper Don of the terrace
Every gala my guest list
Sweat for the money and it all goes IRS
I made a Made Man after Pops just left us
Left the trade and stopped being reckless
No longer young and the restless
I’m grown past obscurity and made Destiny my accomplice