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Not that I like the man bun or chop top Asianesque thing at all but can people stop calling everything hipster! Fedoras are badass and anyone into 20s – 40s media wear it for a reason. Now these hairstyles are hipster. Is it just a word for mentally lazy people to throw around to dismiss whatever they don’t think is cool? It’s just the opposite of people who said square for everything. Hipster shaming is almost as annoying as the trendy bs that surfaces and disappears every few months and people try cause maybe they like it? I can’t be sure if they do or not but did they not see it before some celebrity or athlete did it? Many stick on tattoos forgotten after the show is done, much missing ink when the carnival is over.

Latch on and suck the teat of media madness children
Suckle at Mama Sass phases
Temporary tempura for bated and fried krusty kids
Chop tops like NRA glocks, pistols and tufts in hands prove handy manly
Armed in the metro, Metro in arms
Unisex in uniform
Uniformity singularity
Solidarity one entity
Globules of global parity
Parrot the patrons
Copycat snack on birdy ones
Trifling and idle wandering
Conveyor belt travel dress me
Shape me mold me
Impart importance and necessities
Individuality overrated
Hustle for flow in social circles
Accept all new these days
Acceptance connotes understanding I guess
No time for the sullen finger pointing
Except for hipsters and haters
Hypocriters abound and stroke their little legs
I hear the minstrels and hurt my eardrums
Better use of fingers to plug and ignore
La la la
Excuse me