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The gravity of our situation is pulling us apart
No room for the struggle just hustle and thug art
These terms illogical but spread like a virus
Every infection antithetical to the societal progress
Predators eating at the core of the first world flesh
Mass market for my peoples that put the quo in status

Such rap about drugs and thug life
Thug and monster just synonymous
Masks and hoods we hackers Anonymous
Plenty of thieves and robbers but we call it capitalism
Money leads to power and influence another syllogism
How are you powerful when you’re powerless to the system
I know from Marley and Mandela what’s called mental prison
Every man seeking power looks at all with derision

Luxury an art form or porn
We work for the pleasure system
Fuck a free world we want cumming transactions
Fuck a buck for spotlight
We dancing for masters
Niggers in Paris miming for tourist
Black women a showcase for ass excitement

Make other women want the skinny genes look
Applaud the big girls with the creamy lather
Take black women and label it fetish
Soul sisters sold soul for fifteen minutes

Empowerment sounds nice but how slow is this
I hear the sucking wounds of political slugs in chest
We got promises spoken and repeated through mouth geysers
There is no lesser of evils just propaganda on either
We got a hawk with Hilary and a peacock with Trump
Chicken man Sanders hollering wise on the stump
Money laundering election covering the avian rhetoric

There’s just greed and motherfuckers and government subsidies
Parent corporations merging in European orgies
The mines owned by Coke
Kraft bought the schools and libraries
Taught Freakonomics by so-called visionaries
Stolen sight lock monsters covered in property
The intellectual rights taken from technical refugees

I pray for the future to be bright and loving
But all I see is the blinding light in the cave that speaks