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I curb stomp emojis
I triple threat dos equis
Interesting man just jet leaves
Don’t know where we going but we always coming

A la carte saganaki bukkake
Fill me royal so jelly fo melly
Mel C MC
What the diff between pop speak
Splurge a word for retweets
Hone a quote for a repeat
The youngens be talking like me
I gotta mic for every beat
Dre the sound but stars the feed

Streamline my content
I’m buggin out and post-bent
I’m silky rude and so hustlin
Worldview of a conman
Confidence be dwindling
But I keep shine like David
Helfgott me health soft
Weak in mind, heart and the knees

I’m ornery and pompous
I’m laid back on the shitlist
Like I put on Kanye’s black skin
Head of Cabbage Patch King
Cheeks like balloons
He be huffin and puffin
Postin and huffington
Leak a tweet for the happening
140 characters the fifteen minutes
Another anniversary of diminished linguistics
2016 the age of midriffs and hipstreets
Crash test pilots stoned out the templetons
Exemplars of Templars
Defend the holy sale

Reverse Madonna
Just underwear on thin skin
Iron deficient waifs just wafting
Waffle-legs stumblebump onto the runways
Sidewalk a site lock for sights and stripper kids
Hug jeans and them pimp holes
Lingerie new skimp clothes
Torso pics of the dude bros
Tan salon for them page views

Modesty so bygone
All a stage and we icons
Actors Shakespearean
Philistines make millions
Pretty plus for the eon
Beauty for the decade til it gets remade
Vintage throwback new age

Paltry pantry we rationing
Stock up for the Quickening
We starving for something
Progress bar just stalling
Blue lines to fade to mist
Ocean spray my drowning face
Too quick too bold asphyxiate
College words to alleviate
Mind vampires sucking dry
Clear sighted among queer eyes
Deluded among the diluted
Bold face pride face
Demons emancipated

String me along like tether ping pong
Balls for the gagging and suck a bong bong
S&M feature mainstream leecher
Lecherous downloaders leech the preview

Money had money lost
What’s the economy
French economist preaching we unequal
Like we needed a tome to spell out the deceitful
Not even a reacharound just bend and squeaquel
Mass money for masses
Mass exodus passive
Mass catastrophe masochists
Bloodstains on canvas with oils soaking in
Dabble a stipend and stipple me cripple
Jump for joy on one foot and division the multiple