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I feel like positivity has become like that do what you feel like thing is Simpsons. Bartnomics. The things I think are negative, in that they lead to negative consequences for society and environment and the world at large, is reduced or actually negated by newer generations or just the many that feel better, lighter, faster without the weight of overbearing hippity dippity conscience and checking their “footprint” in every action. The want “I” have is more relevant than the need “we” have, the self precedes the collective or the tribe as I prefer.

Is this the evolution of that 80’s commercialism/materialism/capitalism programming and the virtue of selfishness angle? Not that I disagree with it all or don’t hedonistically indulge my dwindling fancies like fat cats in Purina commercials, but Reason must win out after the hype and hope floats delusions. People like the high of hope and this certain kind of positivity regardless of any future detriment. We are short-lived creatures with short-term goals and short-term memories. Yet we walk tall, or assume ourselves giants in the mist. The Now is so important after this new philosophizing and adjacent perspective. The vagrant vagueness of obtuse morality and duty to friends and family.

Do not speak of devil’s advocates and serious consequences! The future variations are but twilight fancies of string theorists and beta meta males spinning yarn in glassy domes swimming with theory and quantum entanglements. No time or need for truth, facts and rationality for to fun it up and feel shallow good is new, new is good, good is great.

Thus spake the moody blue one, the defeatist linguist, negative Nelly riding on enemies. 300 in this bitch like I got the lionitis stomping chomping ruthless on ferret fools burrowing in the dark to hide from the sunlight. Harsh light harsh truth, only good for the growing plants that gain strength from turmoil soil and weathering beatings.

Through darkness comes change, through light comes acceptance. Which are we choosing at the right time? Should I return to happy-go-lucky me and sunshine faced boy who made the nice guys finish last calender? The brightness was shattered and dimmed by lifeworld, ugliness inside the people, the Disworld rotating like repeating CDs. I point and click on the adventure game of life and fall up and down snakes with human faces, faeces wrapped in oily meatbags. Bite my shiny metal truncheon as I whack-em-all to Skyrim’s oblivion. Forgive my hateful haste and render me anew. With precious pretty polygons counting in the trillions. Let me be wise enough to play both sides of the canvas; light and shadow reveal to me this notion of the good sport, the true friend. May I Mufasa my ties and help rather than hinder. Shiver me tinders swipe right for me.