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Brady Bunch
What are you supposed to do?
Good-looking non-blood relatives inhabiting the same space. The primal, lively hormone monster bleating and beating inside the fruitful youth. Tantamount to temptation and surging blood to libidos; lambado gyrations haunting imagination, dislocated morals banging heads on separation wall. Wallflowers spread seed beyond the pine.‎
I’m hot saucin
I’m scrub washin
Take a hit of that pimp game
Rock the boys and they lap lame
Handle my swagga
My tutti booty ragga
Pop it tuff for your paper
Sweat and grind fo my shakers
Settling suns and setting flares.
Solar polaris twirlygigging so nauseous
Starstruck with stardust
Star us Tardis
Ziggy Tardust quietus
Mono mamma Mario mia
Merriment mendicants hoi polloi
Poulet with parsnips poisson de terre
Make a meal make a match
Post it taste it flavor a memory
Faded memories shout fierce at neuronal connections