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Is the new age to accept all? Being positive is not negating nothing, love the leader, love the message. The younger generations got conditioned or don’t care about making a stamp, their own approval of media and commercialism. Angry old cout complaining about youngens and new music? Maybe, maybe I cannot abandon appreciation of real art and effort. Maybe I want musicians and artists to not give in to sell sell sell and put out mild lackluster media. Business is about selling quality to people that want it. Am I wrong for being angry at consumers being scammed by shoddy, shiny wrapped, synthesized fanfare? Is appreciating effort and integrity in music so bad now? You can care about paintings and game design and whatever else, but talking shit about music is beyond par because “that’s the shit we dance to.”

Everyone is always right. The new ones are right in PC everything even though I doubt they actually give a shit about these “cause” and social media trendies. Bandwagons enthrall us all. The organic, fair trade thing got me. I won’t support garbage or bullshit but some new is better and I don’t deny. But the defense of the now is so prevalent, it’s like the work being done to bring to light the propaganda of history is tossed aside for modernity and positivity’s sake. To be critical or upset with the now, in media terms, is to be negative and an outcast of this youth movement. When did they take over? Why is it any social change is relegated to youngens and the future? Why do big issues fall towards the middle class types, the well-off gay white men? the suburban wife who wants say over birth? the minorities who were given spot on the ledger and now castigate the poories fighting bills and debt? Do people just become assholes or do they choose it?

Do we choose to be curmudgeons or is it an evolution of circumstances. Who cares anymore anyway? World crazy and nothing else matters. Sincerity is for losers and virgins, values are for bottoms who don’t climb the ladder. North America has fetishized glamour and top of the shark race. Beat the brethren and come out swinging with platinum fisticuffs. Be boss. Be top dog. Be the epitome of Randian greed and selfishness.

Pointless blogs spewing vitriol at dangerous society while the principles collapse in heaps of snowy, burgundy burden. The other side is always right. The group mentality wins and those critiquing and satirizing are negatives, the Breakfast Club outcast wanting more. More bang for the buck, more respect for consumers and citizens. I am wrong for caring, I am some outdated hippy that promotes the wrong thing, against the order, against the conditioning. You see it in their faces and attitudes but deny deny they always do. Everyone is so unique and their own person. No one is falling for the message and the marketing. We so smart, we so elite. We the people no accepting pupil. Me a King Kong but never imprisoned; me a decider but no intervention.

Malarkey! Humans always have delusions, to point out is foolhardy. They lock you up or mock you derisively. Everyone wrong who don’t accept the new beat. Point and laugh newbies decided opposition be dumb and flagrant. Get with the times but not the trendy diss. Fox News be bad but pop media the fruit of these. Campaign lies naught but commercial accept the speak. Accept. Not obey but transition. Defend the modern because it has become you, defend your laissez-faire attitude and apathy, defend you nonchalance approach to world and media. Your photo snaps are more dire than the ire of those who care about real shit. Medium is the message of the masses and we all dropped the call.