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So industry and corporations in Canada can ask for and get away with loopholes and violations technically allowed by intervening governments like designation changes to allow for disposal for mining companies, tax loopholes to buff quarterly profits, subsidies for all manner of improvement that won’t be reflected in prices for products and services, but the people have to fight for years and years to get a break on something that has proven itself to be a benefit to society and people’s lives. Everyone complained about the telephone companies in old days and still we have the same thing happening with stifling telecoms and corporate obfuscation mingling with the the milieu of avarice and market domination. Spend so much glitter and gold for censorship and controlled streams and service. Will two tier internet come? Are we going to stay on the low rung of countries with poorer broadband? As it is I think we still are lower than most when it comes to upload speed, at a time when content is being uploaded everywhere constantly.

Maybe the Net will envelop us too much and we shall come to rely on it more than now and it could create a huge flaw in the system and operation of the world. May be the electricity and tubes become a hindrance and a doomed reliance, but as it stands we all need this tool, many working or poor people start businesses around the world when broadband is available. We can waste money on ceremonies and public funerals for Tom and Mary politicians but not upgraded connections for all of us. Spend money on idiotic fanfare and confetti for some douche in a suit running for a delegation job.

I get confused and then cynically remember this happens regularly, like old man McGee and his prune juice. Sittin there all squaw reading the Post grumbling about commie liberals and fat o the land takers like government help is new. The important stuff has to take time and lords of the underworld have to stymy and procrastinate so they have prolonged work to do and a job to make promises and golden dawn allusions. What the fack? Am I going to have to pay more money to watch hot trannies rub balloons together while some creepy farmhand watches at the window?