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New sound bloody ears pound
pound dog backend boys style
rumpledump booty bump
bumrush pattycakes like Tommyknockers slappin da bass
balls deep pack it pacman
get in ma belly
spermiate the jams and jelly
big tips and with the valley tits
silicon con but no anger me
so rightly nicely enjoy the double spicy
two sides two half-hearted wholes
joining for the con but really dream warriors let out
new nightmare maybe worth the hazy baby
sticks and stones and legislative tones
inferior court hollow sounds on future trends
let history judge they say
the silly silky hucksters cum politicos
tell the lost ones to fly Right
disparate disses and distress plagues em
funky fresh hair and styles cover open sores
consortium of boredom
twiggies and heteronorms frolicking fancily
fancy a fanny and frantic heartbeats
pounded dogs in locked up state
run and bark til freedom ring
bare minimum hands need some teeth marks
chomper romper rumpus rump hugging
rumple my still skin undo the separation
two sides one oneness
sunny spirits savouring

Sordid mistress Selena has a hand in magicka
Assassin rogue and duelist machina
Slice em dice em Ginsu cut em
Deadly howls as disembowels
Fleshy cuts nix dust and guts
Tumble weevil weeds of civil
War on readthrough cutting room sequel

It’s the can can scat man giving you the smack for Rosemary’s baby blues.
Snorted toot fix stuff up the lonely.
Aborted tout suite imported morphine dreams in midsummer madness.
Sweets for the sweet.
Candyman indulging, broad smile laughing maniacally into that cool, dark street.
Long Baraka fangs blending into black thoughts with the swirl swirl camera wipe.
Laughter rings inside her chilling the lovely bones.
Brittle bric-a-brac internal blocks losing density.
Calcium robbed and iron deficiency.
So many babies, impregnate the jackpot lady.
Little huggy thugs leave low pants so they can thrill seek.
Humplestilskin threepeat.
Push kush, fathom a father not likely.
Runaway clones and deadbeat dull dads duly noted.
Coffee shop philosophers mix drinks with dickweeds.
Political real talk suffers the foolish.
Trying to be another rapper, hot fire is ass and weed.
Spray molten toxic on starved following.
Drugged up boogie melting mental rays.
Puff puff pass suck hit me another time.

The more you think about it the farther away it becomes; washed sand, the current removes the details. Indentations relieved and filled beneath a silky dark magenta sky showing off its bling. Exotic gases winking secrets of the universe to empty shorelines.  Soft airy soundscapes cascading through the night lilting along like butterfly wings caught in transmission.  Dreams, fantasies, heart ache ruminations siphoned out in midnight air among the whispers. Doldrum hums beckon an audience, a vibrant vibration blushing with attention-seeking, lending voice to the waterwhispers. Chintzy glinting glimmer shimmers off the coast, bright lights dancing on blue black mini mountains,  like a thousand cameras taking pictures.