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Shamon! Cannot believe I forgot how much I loved Daft Punk. Them and Massive Attack and Prodigy I followed for so long and the actual artistic evolution. Because of Pentatonix https://youtu.be/3MteSlpxCpo I travelled back to high school searing my brain with their electro boogie blaster beats and those awesome Battle of the Planets style anime videos. I couldn’t go more nerdgasm at that moment; funky, pretty electro music and my favourite anime style! It’s like DBZ kicking gladiator ass to a symphonic metal concerto with trippy acid effects. Digital Love man, replayed so many times I’d headbag my pillow in reverie at the musical output of my heart and queerdo personality. If I could sum up my best self as a musical manifestation I’d choose that. Funky peace and synth vocals I can stand. Take that Bexca or whatever…. That is all.