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Mixed families, cursed love family plannin
‎Big boy teens with baby faces
Stuck in the closet making the record rotate

Milky white girl
Shiksa tight girl

Toasted marshmallow night thrills
Smores on the menu camp spills
Liquid cocaine and waterbed toe curls
Boudoir grand stand
Night stand rubber no frills
Sumthin hot sumthin coitus

Ellis sad fella
Lonely cutie boy tryin to find happiness
Ski trip bond with the loner
Ski school grade 8 every one self-important
Rubba tub tubin with the deathwish swoonin
In ma scrubba dub head 
Cold cut brainwashed to my delusionary complex
‎Thought of him but turn to me
Hoping he did good like Star Wars kid killin it