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Sacred pimpin small big bizness
Black power turn to ho power
Money fo da twerkin and frozen water accoutrements
Dangling necklace for da hungry hangman
Dinner served and we all Manwhiches
Meat for the market
Sex, desire and buyers
Lovely hedonists indulging in temp bliss
Kiss the sky while we fly at the sun

I’m Weezy and Lamar I’m Katt slingin that pimp game
Suckas and pawns makin moves on the player stage
You say hate the playa but they all makin the game
Strippin the rules and setting up places and placards
Painted faces and glamour dressings
Sex dolls for the idle
Pull reign and bridle
Eyeful sore eyes pretty pert pluses
Femme fatals and independent hustlers
World con game we shuffling with shells and queens
But I be killin the hustle
Y’know what I mean
Get paper for the slut fame
Sex dolls for the idle