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Isn’t the pinnacle of human experience no longer being a human being but a oneness?
The blue world turns green from the will of the people
The Gaian strength we nourish

Buttercup butterflies swim upwind to margarine dreams
Puffy pink clouds welcome like Kirby bosoms merging with blossoms
Petal dance Bellosoms whirling dervish in the chlorophyll sun
Oleander necklaces prim and preaching the devout about style and grace
Loud lillians and putty men stroke down and smoke up
Inhaling biorhythmic undulated curls of smokey mesquite fresh from the farm
Lumberjack cake stacks dribble warm syrup honeyed with the wild child oaks of plenty
Gorgeous gorging at picnic quikpic dreamery
Lotto max power overdrive overblown delicatessen schemery
Luster purges of absolut absolutely fabulous

I throw cinnamon schnopps at earthling cops
Riding high on high supply for take me above the fray
The Wire locks us in and pens keep us disparate
Underclass undertones under lock and key at home
Look at screens of dissidence dent the culture shock quo
Whoa bro
Dude brah burning bra the past now tweet inelegance
Kathleen Wynne ire me with lacklustre splurge spree
Make a rule bout servers dress
Nothing about tips and stress
Below minimum restaurant loophole
Tax the bonus for onus on infrastructure
Take a huge trough of money and dole it out mistakable
Money trails soft under sand and dust
See no paper chase no scandal
Myopic miscreants prodding for votes
Hands on treasury to improve economy
Paternal papa mock doc Canada
We American idle
Wait for the peace pipe with pressure from the rifle
Land o the gun dead space walking
Silly slaves to Saturn dancing naked in the grove
Whispers and mistruths play within my ears
Alternative, mass media, consume for the release
All a movement for toilet renaissance
Revolution pull the handle
Shit or get off the pot

Imma ready steady get set Freddy
Mercury rising Jupiter lost transmission
Murry murky Mercury lead to poisoning
Funny takes the toll
Tol’ me once fool me twice
Sucker in past future cynical delight
Turkish desert dessert powder keg stand me
Stand by me really

Homies in the hood
Playmates on pages
Stuck in a rabbit hole with too many clock faces
Race time race my race
Dis face dis time
Incongruent facsimile
Touch my tribe with fingertips
Drift away slowly
Gripless and solo
Stuck in reverence of enlightenment
Peace of mind imperative