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We have a serious problem of hate going on. Maybe a lot of you don’t know, maybe the media portrays it one way, in a politically correct way, but Fundamentalist Americans hate us. Not just right wing politics. What is said behind those closed doors, those polite middle classers speaking of their muslim co-worker, vitriole abounds inside these homes and Neoamerican minds.

These are the Americans who have swayed so far from the ideals of those slave owning forefathers or have lived up to the hidden message of American exceptionalism and superiority and Manifest Destiny, depending on your viewpoint. They have cocooned themselves in hate years before the September 11th bombings that took not only those lives in the towers but also the lives of victims of fear, hate and paranoia. Sikhs who were beaten and killed in the street for looking “moslem,” browns of all stripes being stared at and suspected for the color of their skin; no Timothy McVeigh or Paul Bernardo treatment. The deathcamp for cutie scenario always plays its hand in the land of the free, home of the brave xenophobic. A land taken by force and settled by foreigners staring stone-faced into irony’s face. Tempting and teasing these paradoxes of freedom, free market, legal bindings, cronyism, war profiteering and the myth of meritocracy.

The Americans of potential and greatness, great aspirations and drive are relegated to low positions or assistive to high payed takers and shakers. The brilliant minds are shouted down by cacophonous tempers and shortsighted fear mongering. Scapegoats are the bread and butter, of demagogues, populists, zealots and conmen. The new Rome is gripping its throat with the smog of ignorance and expediency and obfuscating doublespeak. North America is marketed and marketing so the slogans and soundbites be the key, the repeated lies and mantras of insiders, the “real americans” slipping from twisted lips. What is their idea of Real Americans? Are they being so dishonest about their past and the gritty hard details of past heroes and working stiffs ignoring the good fight?

People often fight against change and new ideas. They stomp and kick at it like babes wanting their comfort and familiarity. Fight tooth and nail for the dream of what yesteryear was, what they think of themselves and this rosy perception of their nation. Those so unaware of what they support and prop up for this pride and patriotism as they call it. They are patriotic, others are dangerous. Displaying of confederate flags that do not actually represent the times and armies they think it does nor the great battle of those wanting status quo. It is no different now, status quo and keeping things the same in their minds is the obsession. As the social justice warriors take all and sundry to heart and believe regurgitating lines is the good fight, so too do the fervent patriots believe they are sons of the soil, the true fighting the false. They are bastions of what should be. The Right is right, the Left bereft.

Hail the man who dashes reason but speaks his mind. Yosemite Sam one minute and Tweety the next. Market the darling, sell the hate, grab your true believers till you need their pensions and property. The followers believe the radicals because they offer a negative hope. Rid the world of enemies and defend the fatherland so that you may be safe and no new enemies can harm you for you are chosen people; divine providence for the righteous. Deus Ex Machina before the elections please.