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Super duper Rafael high
Dunk skunk weed high
Sloppy droopy alcohol by and by
Can’t type can’t think
Stream of conciousness my oh my
CanI remember the name of the brillaint conman
Think it’Jamaican better fold it up
Simmer Simmer sim simpleton
Monkeyman relic just steppin in
Following keys like Kingdom Hearts
Disney gonna rule the world
Coke a runner up
Or maybe Viacom
Communication Vietnam
Enemies everywhere and no armour on
Reckless ruthless
NWA accomplice
Mureder muerder
Tupac raiding that Eminem
Who steals who
Where does it end
Snoops coops highway doops
Fuck em all sell em all
Woolly bully Nambutol
Comic old men influencing me then
Bruce. Carlin, Peppitone boozin

understand nuthin but keepin on truckin
Fuck the haters, fuck the yes men
Suits and girdles for fat fatuous stuck pigs.