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Back to the old me eh Dre
Straight outta common
Fuck the free world
Fuck the people stagnating
Change no change
Pennies smoking up in the air
Apathy kills apathy sucks me off
Doggie ass and silicone tits
Rouse myself in stupor of
The game of hits and misses
Turn the other cheek
Nice guy lasting last and accepting
Buildup of bitters and impatience
Time is all things no time for mind revolution
Emotion revolution
I’m late I’m late
Forget principles and moral obligation
Cesspool suffer fools
Narcissists and narcs I’m sidelinin
Stay out of ruckus
Fuck the world dent
No lessons no faith
No patience for people playing catchup
Keep your antiquated
Keep your prejudice muthafucka
Let me turtle duck and survive
My tea my books my comfort without confrontation

I negative you positive
You accept it all
Accept the mistakes and shit past
Brutal men callous women
Forget the recalling
People be mean and hurt
No talk the immoral
Silence the lips
Hush up tips
Of fingers wagging
Superiority dragging
No wan no good for dem people
Live let live
Life a wonderful thing
No change no action
Bygones bygone
Forgive the sinners
Wrap up the grudges
People on TV deserve judgement
Not the pots viewing it
Accept accept
Complain accept

I’m late I’m late
Decided not to go
Reason to coast is the steadier flow
Stay outta lives
Grey neutrality
Tell my wife hello and keep me out of it