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Good job voting Americans. Get another insincere, warhawk, corporate dancing monkey to barely change anything for the better. The world doesn’t need a flawed but pragmatic leader like Bernie Sanders, we need a duplicitous pretender lefty who’ll dilly dally with alternative energy and black sites and Gbay like Obama. A true politician with a penchant for political expediency and dragging feet one step forward in a gasping country peering through the smokescreen and marketing. Someone mostly running a campaign without huge corporate donations? How is that not incentive to side with a politician with some legitimacy. Is any candidate with business money not beholden to industry and making concessions when elected? Are we cynical and naive? A bitter Dora the Explorer thinking hope with politics is a good gamble. If I am wrong about Sanders’ donations I’d like to know. He has done some things in the past I was not happy with and I didn’t enjoy the hoopla and reverence he got but damn, there was a chance to have someone intelligent and careful who seemed less of a populist demagogue type. People have gotten all in on this “first” something. First black president, first female PM, and maybe the idea of a first female president. Are there not better candidates for these roles? Wasn’t the young mayor from Louisiana or whatever a good try for black president? Isn’t there a better woman who doesn’t have so much vested interest in corporations and war profiteering? Whaddya got ta sweet talk the media and play the bs game just to have a face on the TV or tube? Bend and bow while playing proud for the ass cash to back up the back end. Green and gold tea parties with the change places mantra hanging in the air. Cabinet movements, promotions, cronyism, business-to-politics-to-business. Why don’t we just call it a giant shell game and the ball is in the left hand, out of sight out of mind out of options. Play me a song while the rulers sack the field, hum me a bar among the cacophony of the dumbfounded, whistle while you twerk and toil under premise of promise.