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Fleshed maidens and made men
Cavortying dancing prancing
Bobbles and elegant curls
LED lights strewn round dress yonder

Girls I do adore
I sometimes implore
Let us be whores

Girls from 7/11 stay up all night
Slushies and slurpies, saliva tongue kiss
Membranes pulse with yearn and frenzy
Mammaries peak from girl interrupted
Bottle of Jack and knock knock Oxy
Slumber soft kitty with the note on Tumblr
Kish kash wah wah doldrum feelies
Everyone feel but no public talkie
Turn the other way
Look at down feet
Problems problem troubled people

The tango stylists turn tables
Wildish, reckless
Freckles shuffle complexion playlist
Vibrant reds whip and twist the dance floor
Jettison plumes of rouge mist
Cinnamon vapours dipple
Ballroom blitz brimstone rings

Mr. Bojangles slap skin and butterfly knees
Watch over you with wheezy blues hoots
Dapper brown suit with the old fogey dust hat