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Muscato mosquito drinks the virus down the fleur de lune shining oh so brightly nightly. Disaster spills in desert bloom boom boom, freaka in Zika explosion worldwide.
Germ warfare
chemical scare
vials so vile
rotting despair
birth of sickness
lab of accomplice
canary island conspire
caustic causes with failure medicare
more bullshit for the flower garden

These tactics and tricks trickle fluidly down the media hole filling bright eyes with dull, dark, skip a beat melodrama. Doom and gloom rife with the manipulation elation. Trigger happy pushniks send out the missives to the masses to cash in on frantics, fear, shock and awe the perpetual antics. Liven up stress tests, boil the blood, fuel the fire hate empire, fan flames of descent of man. Polemics, eugenics, deathly hallows aesthetics. Sunken cheek sexy Johhny Depp Jack Skelington reprieve. Back and forth with the beauty and fashion, the po’ folk get no traction silly dreams of reconstruction.

Adjunct rejects piece together peace and justice for all and sundry, wipe ass with legits and legal quandaries. Jiggle jiggle assy flesh for the camera sets, maker models and music icon made plastic for the Nikon. Use me use me, get Kurt to rape me. Lunchboxes out but the serial production lively. T-shirts, get your T-shirts here! Print a statement in mass produced inkstains, refrain, the dolla dolla we all ballas being told to jump. White men can’t jump they own the team. Jay-Z reppin American dream; black Republicans smother selves in money scent, rich little doggies sniff each other loverly, lick ass kiss ass fuck each other cronies.

Economy frenemy, banks be holding down interest for the consumer distress. Pinterest inflation and tag the downsize. Selfie me death on the dead rising, zombie hordes with the click click obsession, travel fine but no need lunching. Too much cats and bistro buns, too much repeat like politico rambling beatnik poets sampling, I got ya newsfeed open up the gullet let me jack in.

Upload the opinion and force feed the ideology. Tube overflow for the necro anorexic. Anthro apology anthro sick, show my love suck my afro dick. Fuck your nation or whatever you call it, sell it, settle and kill for it.
Shove in the info
overload the senses
flash the memory
redux the old lies
tell tell again for permanent scarring
we always warring
tribalism scoring boring
me so ignoring
no news daily no Trevor or Colbert
have no idea who’s out there
recap the lid blow stacks off chips
I reminisce and Timewarp trip