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I’ll fuck fuck-fuck em all
Ram their throats cock and all
Plunge in madness rape the sadists
Screams and howls musical revenants
The bully beasts get the pacifist goat
Riled up manmeat heavy
Uncensored rage should be better but not
Not whole, sane or peaceful yet
Revenge on my mind but hurts the soul
Grey heart abysmal abyss
Dusty foot desert walker squinting at oasis
Hate so much hate rising in gullet
Toxic Reptile venom spit out at enemies
Carbon copy memories pasted on friends
The arrogant, selfish, do what they will thugs
Paint my peers and youth with large bitter brush
Curse their fragment lives I see as perfect
Visions of Cap America and well adjusted untainted
They drink drug and fuck but no claws in the chest
No monster rip out twirling inner death
Cold and lifeless
Spiteful whip and lash with sharp tongue strangling coeds and cool kids with the fashionista threads. Hard knocks and bitchslaps play inside the head rolling reels of vicious vicarious violence sick indulgence; don’t stop me, stop me, love foolosophy running up walls no gravity. Pushed down stomped down muster get up and fall down. And up again and strugglin’, fighter fightin’ but curb stomp the anger with oms and ahimsas. Break from the shadaow that turned cheek and ignored, built up sad self crumbling within walls and angry Popeye comes swinging out.
Me pipe me pipe. Futile fisticuffs flailing round. Red sea dagger eyes cold eyes blank eyes, staring is caring bleeding is purpose. I saya cut deeper take a mac daddy jump off the roof, bridge, the lot looking at me with concrete whispers and consoling dream wafts that feel comfortable in finality. Final repose dispose. Shut you up, shut outers up, giggling pointing monkeys move on and forget the ruff in the jungle bizness, careers and family leave behind their vicious behaviour and cut up cuts. Paper thin bleeding feeling woozy but told suck it up, get up stand up fight for life.

What this what life what me oh my. Old nemeses looking at pie in sky buying cars and homes with the lottery ticket eyes, thinking they’re acceptable and socially uncorrupt with pasts of torment and antisocial patterns. Dyads, triads, mind games forgiven as you enter the office space and presented with worth. Business culture rewards the merry cutthroat; tycoon tykes being moulded for the dog show, prim little pups parading popular platitudes and awkward sentiment. Rolling roiling in filth but clean living acceptable mess, turn into past generations obsessing about mortgage and debt, pay raises and kids braces and college prospects. Act superior after playing the life game, kids car career and payday refrain. Life choices mix milestones and recommended future set. Set settle sit, go with the flow dwellers rooted in tradition. Some ways right while others pretend, phases in the ungrown, adults give up and call it intelligence. Mad money mad flows mad world weather. I’m lost and shifty with the creative as a friend.