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You know what I ain’t calling myself pescatarian or whatever and get ludicrously specific about what I eat to match some ideal or expectations from the people who always complain about negativity. I like accuracy but there’s all this segmentation and categorizing like some rigorous religious sect high school nightmare draft pick going on. I eat a lot of beans and lentils now (which has its own issues) so should I have some title for that like I’m a Beanarian or Favavore? I don’t really care about these divisions and being an eight level vegan or a Pastafarian Antinecromancer, I try not to be the douche who converts others or goes on about how bad the farming industry is or all the environmental issues because no one really gives a shit. People are just go with the flow on these kinds of things, like after the 70s social change was too taxing and got in the way of drugs, sex and Louis Vutton. The threshold of caring was reached and now it’s that information overload problem we have. 21st century is a neverending Boggle where the letters don’t settle. Many gripes and singular opinion mash and meld into grape vats being stomped by aloof virgins checking their Twitter.

I feel like being that Jamaican guy in Dawn of the Dead who just wants to get away and live on some beautiful island and drink on the beach. We get specific and more and more complicated because it seems like progressing society and more groups and cultures and subcultures equals acceptance?? Are we holding up geometric chaos and asking for equal faces? Do we need such a ever increasing taxonomy of human characteristics and lifestyles to accept the different.