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Since I have devoted so much effort
To the English language concert
The play of words and sentences
The intertextual missives
Have I longed for paramours of paragraphs
Have I searched and beseeched for speech so great
Am I just an elongation of a letter primed for oration
I have fallen in love with language
Or fallen in and out
The only thing I need is a way for my expression
Peace of mind and bliss is fine
But my soul needs to speak
Whether withered or resplendent
I must exhume my imprisoned words
The music of the mental
Comes out in poetic verse

I fumble with keys to find a note
Piano forte that will spin a tale
Tell all others when enthused
Keep silent within the orchestra
The maddened flute without the breath

This obsession is so harrowing
Temptation oh so overbearing
Coded language that subverts
The listener it converts
It bends to whim and will
My objective and my skill
I feel I own it and utilize
But is it me or projection
Of the silent hidden friend
That ineffable conscious
Who can never come into existence
So we must wrack our brains to reveal
This certain something that makes us us
I might never find the words
Nor a reason to even tell