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I broke my little grill I received for Christmas. I was calling it a panini press cause I was going to grill the hell out of my wraps and sandwiches and be all ristorante with my vegan meals and have sealed up carbs instead of the messy crunk junk that is my usual breakfast or linner. I’m still the same with the small delicate things, at least with appliances and machines (and no not a dick joke), Hulk smash em up and not be gentle. With a pen or pencil it’s all gravy and softness but these light or cheap stuff break in my clumsy hands like Final Fantasy crystals. This is why we can’t have nice things! You keep reminding yourself to be careful and then the impatient rush rush child just stomps its foot and bulldozes in and you stand there looking at an expensive motherboard wrought asunder by the foolhardy fool with never-be-nimble finger slips.

I did some ok stuff with the computer innards the other day, RAM and hard drive are simpler now but still the anxiety is there that I’ll fuck up even if I spent three days cramming all that technical mumbo into the dumbo. Slightly proud of that. No connectors damaged and my nerd rig is complete, until I desire more power. I have the POWER! Pools of cash let me swim in mechanical sweeps and electric sheep.