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Oy to be spirited
The belle and the imperative
To be so enthralling and the life of parties
To never be a bore or a hard stiff
I fear the future weigh on me
That I may turn into dullard me
And wax philosophically
To empty ears and annoyed griefs
The nerd in me repeats the stories
The geek in me guffaws at puns of glories
I yearn to divulge the intricacies
Of computation and MMORPGs
The hours spent learning something new
That never the quo will see or use
And I rush in to give the news
Of technicals and statistic proofs
Of scientific beauty and cosmic clues
The parabolic universe
The lawless wild west multiverse
Leaps and bounds and dimensions
Theories knock around the bends
I gorge myself on new ideas
And take a break to quell the fears
Of becoming too specialized and niche
Of losing touch with common mans
And winding up with android plans
To give to tech what must be shared
The heart and soul that I had bared
But machines and code do not reject
Devices and gizmos give respect
And when technology lets you down
You turn a trick and spin it round
And it all gets a little better yet
When love does weaken and no pet
Relations beckon for warmth and love
Technology asks for cold and deft touch
I don’t control the people with me
I don’t hug machines or metal sets
I may not turn to mechano man
But I could learn to Kinect