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Good lord good lord
How sweet it is
To be rid of those bratty kids
Complaints and whining
Messes and lying
Around my house with no job to show
Feet all up like they royalty
Surfing the net and demanding dinner
Do no chores up to the breadwinner
Come home to mumbles and slight nods
No how’s your day or thanks for having a job
Pay for the lights
Pay for the phones
Far as I’m concerned they never leaving home
Bust my back for old grubby money
Ask for love and they look at me funny
Thought I was grown and independent
But I got these kids to feed and they ain’t in college
Minors majoring and think they’re beyond us
Got computer skills but little character
World of chips and bytes and mini cellys
Adulthood takes longer this is getting skinny
20 something and they wanna marrying
No money for rent so they moving in
Housing market in another low
Basement apartments need more dough
Kids got no chance they don’t wanna be scrounging
Never even used to budgeting
50 dollar phone plans and clothes marked up
They all wanna look good but the savings not enough
Banks be handing out pittance interest
Only interest in big risk mutuals
Give your money for the gambling principle
And you get the gist of it you make concessions
Then it all changes and all yell recession
Too many people too little jobs
Foreigners’ fault shore up the mobs
20 somethings losing coverage and careers
Only money in baristas and hacking
Big box stores got a smock for you
The game change now the baby due
Little offspring come out swinging
Grandma making dash for mush and cash